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Minecraft Builder/Level Designer

The Minecraft Builder/Level Designer is a professional who specializes in creating maps and game levels for Minecraft-based projects. He/she collaborates with the team to create amazing and balanced scenarios, using his/her creativity and knowledge of specific tools



Minecraft Add-on Developer | Bedrock Edition

The Minecraft Add-on Developer is an expert in the world of Minecraft who is responsible for creating and developing add-ons for the game, enhancing the gaming experience through the introduction of new features, mechanics, and environments. The figure works as part of a team, adhering to established timelines and goals, and uses specific tools such as behavior packs, command blocks, and feature




Minecraft Texture Artist

Il Texture Artist di Minecraft è un artista digitale specializzato nella creazione di texture per il gioco. Collabora con il team per arricchire visivamente l’esperienza di gioco, utilizzando creatività e competenze tecniche. Deve bilanciare l’estetica con la funzionalità del gameplay. Conosce gli strumenti grafici e lavora su texture per blocchi e oggetti. Contribuisce a rendere Minecraft coinvolgente e stupefacente per i giocatori




Minecraft 3D Modeler

Il Modellatore 3D di Minecraft crea modelli tridimensionali per il gioco, collaborando con il team di sviluppo. Utilizza software come Blockbench per realizzare strutture, personaggi e oggetti dettagliati. Deve comprendere i vincoli tecnici del gioco e ottimizzare le risorse per garantire prestazioni fluide. Contribuisce a rendere il mondo di Minecraft coinvolgente e immersivo.




Roblox Game Developer

The Roblox Game Developer is a programmer who specializes in developing video games on the Roblox platform, with the goal of creating innovative and revolutionary game experiences in education and learning



Fortnite Developer

The Fortnite Developer is a professional who specializes in developing games and experiences within Fortnite and is able to leverage the power of Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN), combining the tools of Fortnite Creative and Unreal Editor. This figure is responsible for designing, developing, and publishing innovative content that engages millions of players worldwide


Unity trainer

The Unity Trainer is an expert in the use of the Unity development engine and is responsible for training and guiding learners on their learning journey. The trainer shares his or her knowledge and best practices to ensure the training of qualified professionals in the field of game and interactive application development


Unreal Engine Trainer

The Unreal Engine Trainer is an expert in the management of the Unreal Engine development engine, with the goal of guiding learners through their training. By sharing cutting-edge knowledge and techniques, the trainer ensures that students acquire the skills necessary to become professionals specializing in creating video games and interactive solutions based on Unreal Engine


Blender Trainer

The Blender Trainer is an experienced professional in the use of the 3D modeling and animation software Blender. His or her job is to train and instruct trainees, sharing his or her skills and best practices to ensure that they become skilled professionals in 3D content creation. The trainer helps trainees master the techniques of modeling, animation, texturing, and rendering with Blender




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Maker Camp is a game production studio that develops playful and interactive experiences with a strong educational and cultural impact. Our mission is to create game experiences that enrich people's lives. We believe in the power of video games to engage and inspire users, and we design our games by transforming educational and cultural goals into meaningful and engaging game mechanics

Timing of the selection

Unless otherwise specified in the job advertisement, searches are conducted on an intermittent basis. Once a sufficient number of candidates who meet the basic qualifications have been received, candidates will undergo a preliminary interview

Depending on the level of the vacancy, successful candidates will be asked to complete a skills assessment test

Thereafter, up to 3 interviews are scheduled: technical interview, peer group interview, and executive interview with the hiring manager. Finalist candidates may be subject to reference checks, depending on the role for which they are applying.

Open to all

We are an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer. Applicants will be considered for positions based on qualifications and ability to perform the job for which they are applying, without regard to race, religion, creed, gender, age, residence, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, or physical appearance. Minority persons are encouraged to apply for

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